HaMakom In The Shuk

When One Jew Cares, It’s A Different Place

Rabbi Yechezkel and HaMakom in the Shuk were featured in the popular English news site, IsraelNationalNews.com – Arutz 7. Come see what people are saying about the tremendous Kiddush Hashem in the Machane Yehuda Shuk after hours.

Let them see the excitement and joy of being Jewish.

Rabbi Yechezkel Shalom opens a small booth, surrounded by bars and cafes, in the trendy Mahane Yehuda market every night (except Shabbat), and serves food and drinks along with smiles and hugs. Hundreds are being inspired each week with Reb Yechezkel’s kind words and overflowing love for a fellow Jew.

Several hundred students, tourists and soldiers are being exposed to the joy of being Jewish every week in this “Outpost of Love and Kindness” Rabbi Yechezkel Shalom, Founder of HaMakom in the Shuk

About Rabbi Yechezkel Shalom

Rabbi Yechezkel Shalom is a native Israeli from Tel Aviv. Since he found his way back to traditional Judaism, Rabbi Yechezkel has been dedicating his life to helping others. He established a kiruv center in Jerusalem that brought back hundreds of families over a 25 year period and created a vibrant religious community that exists to this day. After this he was a part of the organization Bayit Cham, rescuing Jewish women from captivity in Arab villages. Now his goal is to give young Jewish people a positive encounter with their religion, warming their heart and doing what he can to prevent assimilation.